Cyma Contractor Declaration


i2i Brokers are bound by the obligations of the Privacy Act 1993 regarding the collection, use, disclosure and handling of your personal information.  We will protect the privacy of your personal information.  We will use the information you provide in this Declaration Form to consider your application for insurance under Cyma's Indemnity programme, to determine any special policy terms, to assess a claim, etc.

We will disclose this information to Cyma's Indemnity insurer, Delta Insurance who will use your information for the purposes we provided it to them (or if required by law)



This policy covers you while you are working for or representing Cyma only.  It does not extend to cover you for any work outside of your Cyma contract;

The cost of this cover is borne by Cyma;

The requirement for your annual income can be based on the last financial year or an estimate for the current financial year.  Its assessment is not used in a claims situation but is used as an underwriting indicator;

The limit of liability under the Cyma Liability programme captures claims payments for any negligent acts, errors or omissions made by Cyma and/or its Contractors (you) in the supply of technology products or technology services to Third Parties only.  That is, claims payments are not based nor settled in proportion to fee income  income generated by you or by Cyma and are based on a maximum limit of liability chosen by Cyma.

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THIS FORM NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED IN ITS ENTIRETY. Cover will not be provided unless all questions have been answered. Incomplete Declarations will be sent back for resubmission.