Recruitment Agency Insurance

If you're after Recruitment Agency Insurance you've found it!  Get access to a rock solid bespoke programme that provides full protection including Vicarious Liability and backed by Lloyds of London. 

Not sure what Vicarious Liability is or why it's important (or should be important to you)?

Under New Zealand law, an employer’s vicarious liability to its employees can include:

  • The contracts or undertakings that an employee makes on the employer’s behalf;
  • Reimbursement for any actual or reasonable expenses that the employee incurs in the course of the employer’s business, provided they have the employer’s authority;
  • Actions the employee carries out under the employer’s express or implied instructions;
    • Where an employer is charged under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 for a breach of health and safety standards by its employee and the employer did not ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable the safety of its workers and other persons; and
  • Where any person (such as a customer, supplier, student on work experience, an intern or a prospective employee) has been discriminated against by an employee of the employer, during the course of their employment. In this instance, the human rights jurisdiction is available. 


Still confused?  Maybe these examples will help ....

If you're in a restaurant and the person serving you spills a flambé on your lap.  Not only is it going to hurt like hell but the restaurant is liable for the servers actions (this means the restaurant is accountable for losses even though they weren't negligent in the The restaurant is the principal in control of the server (the agent) and is responsible for their actions while on the job, even if the restaurant itself did nothing negligent.

Vicarious liability also applies to cars ..... so if you give permission to your child or to a friend to use your car, you can be held responsible for accidents they cause while using your car.  Same principle applies to Company Vehicles, if you, as an Employer give permission for an Employee to drive the company car, you, as the Employer are responsible for accidents they cause while using your car (if the 'loss' occurred outside business hours we muddy the waters a bit with invalidation clauses but that's another discussion!)

The “close connection” test for vicarious liability requires:

  • A relationship of employment (or other such similar relationship) between the wrongdoer and the party who is allegedly vicariously liable; and
  • A sufficient connection between the wrongful act and wrongdoer’s role as an employee or agent.

If you're reading this and thinking that your recruitment agency is vicarious liable if you're running a Temp desk - you'd be right! and given some Professional Indemnity policies are silent on vicarious liability (or absolutely exclude it) you may find yourself in a bit of a financial predicament if your Temporary Personnel don't quite cut it.

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And lastly......

Just as you can't confirm a job to a Candidate without and offer and acceptance, we can't confirm any cover, temporary or permanent (no pun intended) without offer and acceptance either. 

So just so there's no ambiguity, cover can not take effect prior to the receipt of any insurance application and cover will only be in effect once it's confirmed in writing to you.

The Recruitment Liability is Underwritten by TAI Underwriting Agency.

The Contractors programme is Underwritten by Agile Underwriting Agency.


Recruitment Agency Liability Programme for Contractors

Here's what's available.  All you have to do is decide what's best for you and your Contractors.  


1. Partnership Programme

Get unique and secure access to our ContractorCover insurance portal and dashboard.  This gives you instant purchasing power and administration to track, analyze and report on your Contractors insurance policies without sacrificing broker support.  To get started, click here

 2. Master Policy Arrangement

One shared policy covering all of your Contractors professional activities, a true "all for one and one for all" arrangement.  Premiums are charged as a minimum deposit and wash up year end to you, the Agency.

Still not sure?  Want to know more about the pros and cons of each option , cool! let's discuss it