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If you operate as a LTD Liability Coy, Trust or anything other than a Sole Trader, please make sure you tell us otherwise it could play havoc with the indemnity provided by the policy
Please tell us what you do as part of your contract. Your position as Director or Sole Trader is not acceptable sorry.
Will your contract involve performing work in relation to Medical or Surgical Applications?
Will your contract involve performing work on Aerospace, Radar or Navigation Systems?
Will your contract involve performing work on Oil, Gas, Power or Nuclear Energy Applications?
Will your contract involve performing work on systems that support Share Trading, Financial Transactions or Calculations?
Will your contract involve any work on Security Systems?

Claims History

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Have you ever had any disputes in your fees?

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Things to include are if you are presently insured and when your current policy expires (as it's not cricket to quote mid term), plus anything else like perhaps you are operating in Australia as well or the UK for example. Stuff like this. If in doubt, d

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