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This scheme is not available to Contractors:

  • Involved in Front End Network Security, Products or Services directly used in radar, nav systems or operation of any other mechanically propelled vehicle; products or services that are used in the delivery of clinical care (e.g surgical);
  • whose services are provided in the USA/North America
  • whose revenue is over $500,000
  • has more than 4+ employees

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For SMS Renewal Reminders
Do you practice as a
e.g Software Tester, HR Consultant, Engineer, Legal (non practicing), Interim Manager, Project Manager etc . Please do not write "Director" as this is not the service that you are providing cover against.
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Level of Cover

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Select a level cover that's enough to pay legal fees and damages you might have to pay if a claim was made against you. Cover starts at $1,000,000. Think of the worst-case scenario because that's what you're insuring against.

Claims History

Have you ever had any disputes in your fees?
Have you ever had any claims brought against you?
Are you involved in the design or construction of products or services for medical or surgical applications?
Do you work on, design or construct products or services (whether whole or in part) of aeropace, radar or navigation systems?
Do you develop, design, manufacture, distribute or supply products or services in Network Security?
Do you develop, design, manufacture, distribute or supply products or services that support share trading, financial transactions or calculations?

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Annual premium in NZD, including GST. Our premiums are written net (exclusive) of any commissions to keep the cost of cover to you as low as possible. It is also for this reason that mid term cancellations will not receive any refund in premium.

Policy Excess$500.00 each and every Claim.