Relax, we're insurance professionals

It's all about communciation and trust.  Sounds like a relationship counsellor's tag line but it's true.

We have three standard offerings:

1. Warm and Fuzzy Exclusive Relationship (Personal Advice)

 You'll need to open up and tell us everything about your business.  We can do lots of fancy things but reading minds isn't one of them. More is more in this case plus full disclosure gets the premium right the first time and reduces your chances of being unpleasantly surprised at claim time. 

2. Non Exclusive Relationship (Class Advice)

If you want a comparative quote against your current programme without us asking too many questions, then this is it.  This does not guarantee that your current programme hits the mark but it will tell you if your current insurance costs are at 'market rate'.

Some of our Association programmes are treated as Class Advice.  That is, the programme is the standard offering to the wider audience and is not tailored to individual circumstances.  

3. Friends with Benefits (Programme Reviews)

Member Broker

As a PSC Connect Member Broker, i2i Brokers is backed by a national network with support from New Zealand and Australia’s most reputable insurers and the ability to access the skills and expertise of global insurance experts.

What takes our fancy...

Class Advice sectors we specialise in:  

  • IT Contractors
  • Generalist Contractors (Management Consultants, Media, Communications, HR etc)
  • Tech Companies
  • Recruitment Industry
  • Professional Association Insurance Programmes

Our ContractorCover is Generic in nature and is not considered Personal Advice.  Our Product Summaries are distributed to ‘most people who’ have certain characteristics.

We stick to our knitting

i2i is an ambitious, dynamic and highly competitive provider of a range of Professional and Specialist insurances.

We don't grab hold of everything that comes our way.  Liability is our speciality and we have a  number of successful liability schemes backed by the strongest Insurers both here in New Zealand and on the Global Market.  

If you can't find what you're looking for in the pages of our website and are curious to see if we can help you, then pick up the phone or drop us a note!